Castle Crashers Recreated For PS3 With New Game Modes

by Matt Miller on May 12, 2010 at 12:00 PM

The Behemoth is talking up their remade version of Castle Crashers for PSN, and they've revealed yet another new feature exclusive to the Sony console.

Along with the previously revealed volleyball minigame, Castle Crashers on PSN will also include team battles in the Player Arena matches. You can set up 2v2 or 1v3 matches, along with the already existent free-for-all matches that were available in the Live Arcade version. The Behemoth delivered the news via a post over at the PlayStation blog.

Castle Crashers still doesn't have a release date on PSN, but representatives from The Behemoth claim that the game is nearing completion.

Castle Crashers remains one of the most downright fun and replayable games on XBLA. Think it will be as successful on the PlayStation 3?