Nier DLC Available Tomorrow

by Joe Juba on May 10, 2010 at 10:08 AM

Following hot on the heels of the game's April 27 release, DLC for Square Enix's action/RPG Nier will be available tomorrow. Entitled "World of Recycled Vessel," the content will include new challenges, costumes, and weapons.

Among the add-ons is a new look for the main character. You can now play as Young Nier, originally only available in the Japanese PS3-exclusive version of the game, Nier Replicant. You'll also get new costumes for regular Nier, Emil, and Kainé.

The DLC will also include new areas and stages (complete with new monsters to fight), which will unlock new weapons. All of this can be yours by logging on to Xbox Live or PSN and paying 560 Microsoft points or seven real dollars, respectively.

Personally, I had mixed feelings about Nier. Regardless, I can't deny that the game offers a unique experience, and this content seems like an excellent effort to expand it.