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Brentalfloss CD Puts Lyrics To Classic Video Game Songs

by Tim Turi on May 10, 2010 at 08:55 AM

If you’re even remotely interested in video game music and funny things, then the odds are you’ve heard of brentalfloss. YouTube brought the gaming lyricist much love, and he’s gained enough traction to release a CD compiling polished, professionally recorded versions of his best songs, along with a handful of new tunes. Combine this with guest musicians The Megas and The Konami Kode, and you’ve got a recipe for a CD that is equal parts humorous and awesome.

You may already be familiar with Brent’s long string of YouTube songs, and the best of those make it onto the CD. Not only do they sound way better than those less than optimal quality PC-mic recorded tunes, but they include some tweaks to lyrics and funny little additional quips. “Mega Man 3 with Lyrics” and “Ducktales with Lyrics” are still as awesome as the first time I heard them. I was skeptical how well these songs would come across when not paired with a video, and found myself pleasantly surprised.

There’s also new stuff like “Mushroom Kingdom,” a parody of Night Ranger’s “Sister Christian,” which I find both rockin’ and hilarious. “Bubble Man” also makes an appearance, continuing Brent’s devotion to Mega Man. Jokes about a Robot Master destroying the Blue Bomber with weaponized farts? Yep, that’s in here, and if that idea makes you chuckle than the whole CD will be worth the $14.98 price point.

Brentalfloss has once again succeeded at combining catchy video game tunes with memorable lyrics. His wide range of vocals - from belting out appropriately epic Final Fantasy lyrics to singing a Mega Man tune with Trey Parker-inspired machismo – lends well to the wide variety of game songs. There are a few songs that aren’t gaming-related (dealing with masturbation and role models), but that doesn’t mean you won’t find them enjoyable.

If you don’t want to take my word on it, mosey on over to brentalfloss’s YouTube page and check out more videos like the one above. If you like those you’ll love the CD, which can be purchased on iTunes, Amazon, and ScrewAttack.