2009 A Year to Forget Financially for Capcom

by Matthew Kato on May 07, 2010 at 06:30 AM

Capcom delivered a dose of bad news to its investors, reporting that its last fiscal year was brought down by the lower-than expected sales of games such as Dark Void, Bionic Commando, and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.

Capcom's last fiscal year, which ended March 30, 2010, wasn't a good one for the company. Net sales for Capcom's home video game division fell 30 percent, and its arcade sector did even worse: Its sales revenue fell 71.6 percent. Overall, the company's annual revenues fell 27.3 percent and net income fell 73.1 percent.

Dark Void, Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, and everyone's favorite whipping boy, Bionic Commando, were specifically singled out as culprits, but for this current fiscal year, Capcom is just as clear about what's going to help them get out of the mess it is in: Super Street Fighter IV and Lost Planet 2 (shown). Anyone going to help the company out and get these two games? How 'bout other upcoming Capcom games?