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Blog Herding: Editor And Reader Picks 5/06

by Annette Gonzalez on May 06, 2010 at 01:30 PM

Every Thursday we highlight both editor and reader blogs worth your undivided attention. Now's the time to get blogging! Check out our picks this week and then get writing. Maybe your posts will appear in a future herd.

Back From 1999: A Master Of Magic Story
"With Master of Magic going up on this week ($6 and it works perfectly on my modern PC? Yes please!), I've been totally obsessed with it all over again. I adored this fantasy 4X empire builder when it came out back in the day, but does it hold up?" Does it hold up, Adam? Read his post to find out.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Teaser Trailer Dissected: A Pictorial
GIO community member Shootist2600 takes the recently released Black Ops trailer and breaks down the video frame by frame. Each frame of this trailer moves at a rapid pace and this post gives us a chance to get a closer look at the action. Take a look at his analysis and then create your own in the comments section.

Totally Random Stuff
Kato covers a wide range of topics including the Bungie/Activision deal, his experience as goalie in NHL 10, deaths in God of War III, old school box art, not watching NASCAR, games that don't stand the test of time, and awesome record racks. Yes, the title of this post is totally fitting.

Law Restricting "M" Rated Game Sales FROM Minors? Yes, Thanks.
GIO community member Shawn Gordon reviews California law related to violent video game sales to minors. Join the discussion in the comments section.

Behold The Beauty: The Unfortunate Sequel
GI graphic designer Jeff A. uses his design expertise to critique, and by critique I mean make fun of, some of the worst box art ever. Check out the post for all the glorious images.

Who Knew Comics Would Be So Much Work?
GIO community member Jacen describes the difficulties of returning to comics after spending years out of the game. "...back then, comics were easy for me. I knew what was happening in the DC and Marvel Universes, even with titles I didn't actively follow. But a lot had changed in the last 10 years I wasn't a comic hound. Batman died and has come back. Damian Wayne is Robin. And while Batman was "'away' Dick Grayson became Batman. So then I'm left with questions...the answers lead to more questions, and before you know it I've lost something like 18 hours on Wikipedia trying to suss out exactly what is going on with the older characters I loved so much."

Succeeding In Ow, My Balls!
Dan sadly crafted a comprehensive guide on how to succeed in the iPhone title that amused members of our staff. If you want to learn how to nail the perfect nutshot, look no further. Also note Dan has a lot more time on his hands since he still can't get into the vault.

Where Is The Fun?
GIO community member Vote 4 Pedro wants to know where the fun in gaming has gone. He believes these days people are more interested in bragging rights than the fun of the sport. Do you agree?

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