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THQ Undecided On Pricing For Move And Natal Titles

by Annette Gonzalez on May 05, 2010 at 02:40 PM

Over the past few months we've received bits and pieces of information regarding Sony and Microsoft's upcoming motion peripherals, with little data on what sorts of titles we'll be flailing our arms to. With the new technology in tow, it's unclear what sort of development will have to go into these mystery games and how much it will cost the consumer.

Near the end of a fiscal 2010 financial call, an analyst questioned THQ CEO Brian Farrell about potential price points for Natal and Move games to which he replied:

"Retail pricing is going to be very interesting [for PlayStation Move and Project Natal]," said Farrell. "We have not announced that. In fact, we're still deliberating internally on that and we're going to watch and look at what's going on in the market for the next several months, and we may or may not even announce those launch prices until much closer to launch."

Wii games have typically cost at least $10 less than their PS3 and 360 counterparts. Would you be willing to pay $59.99 or more for a game designed for Natal or Move? Or should motion control games stick to a $50 or less price point?

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