Sony Announces PlayStation Protection Plan

by Ben Reeves on May 03, 2010 at 10:53 AM

Technology never seems to fail us in at least one regard: as soon as the original manufacture’s warranty expires, the device breaks. Those interested in buying some insurance for their PlayStation 3 or PSP can take heart, however, because Sony has announced an extended warranty service, which consumers can purchase after the systems’ original one-year warranties expire.

Those who want to opt in to the PlayStation Protection Plan might also be interested in the PSP’s Accidental Damage Plan, which adds coverage for cracked or damaged screens resulting from an brutal drop. All of the pricings also include system shipping charges and repairs, and will be available starting in May. Prices are as follows:

PS3 – 1 year extension ($44.99) or 2 year extension ($59.99)
PSP – 1 year extension ($29.99) or 2 year extension ($39.99)
PSP with Accidental Damage – 1 year extension ($39.99) or 2 year extension ($49.99)

Those interested in one of these plans can call 1-866-716-7669 or visit this site for more details.