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Left 4 Dead Boomer Plushie Will Steal Your Brains, Heart

by Tim Turi on May 03, 2010 at 07:50 AM

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Just when you thought your wallet was safe, Valve announces that it's unleashing a horde of plushies based on the original Left 4 Dead special infected. The first one to be revealed is the plump and putrid Boomer. Bulbous, infected lesions and morbid obesity has never been so adorable.

Boomer is the first in line of the five special infected plushies, leading the charge to vomit fanservice all over your face. If his cute appearance looks familiar, it's because he has the same designer (Alexandria Neonakis) as the noxiously heart-warming L4D Valentine's Day cards. He's no tiny beanie baby, either, measuring in at 13 inches in length and height. What's more, he can gargle out ten Boomer sound effects straight from the game. Perfect for grossing out the nearest youngster!

He can be yours for $49.99 (batteries not included). I'll be holding out for the Hunter, thank you.

Source: Valve