Mad Catz Wins Awesome Peripheral Award

by Tim Turi on Apr 30, 2010 at 11:36 AM

Have you heard of Mad Catz? They make controllers and other gaming accessories so gamers have an option outside of first party manufacturers when buying gear. Apparently UK-based MVC has heard of them, because they’re honoring Mad Catz with an award for their product.

Nominees for the Peripheral & Accessory Brand award were judged based on multiple criteria. Accessories were appraised based on popularity among gamers, customer service, and how many throws against a wall they could endure (also known as build quality). According to the panel of  76 industry members, Mad Catz is simply a cut above the rest.

“Mad Catz is honored to receive a prestigious MCV Industry Excellence Award and in turn we wish to extend our sincere thanks to the voting panel,” said Mad Catz president, Darren Richardson. “We believe the award is a reflection on our strong retail presence and reinforces our commitment to focus on high-end, innovative products which evoke a passionate consumer response.”

After learning Mad Catz won an award for awesomeness, I don’t feel so guilty about dropping a healthy sum of money on a fight stick for Super Street Fighter IV. I do, however, regret buying this:

In Mad Catz’s defense, it was long before they won the award.