Enter 2K's Vid-Cap Contest To Win Full-Sized Big Daddy Suit And $5K

by Annette Gonzalez on Apr 29, 2010 at 08:14 AM

Today 2K Games announced that they will give away a full-sized Big Daddy suit and a hefty $5,000 cash prize as part of the BioShock 2 Vid-Cap Contest. The contest will challenge players to execute the craziest, most creative stunts and kills in the game and capture it on film. With a full arsenal of Plasmids, weapons, and Tonics, that should be easy, right?

Remember the Big Daddy that terrorized the 2K office a few months ago during their BioShock 2 Special Edition unboxing video? No? Here it is below. This suit can be yours!

Terrorize your own neighborhood, local elementary schools, and younger siblings with the suit. That in itself would be worth the trouble. You'll never have to shop for a Halloween costume again.

How can you become eligible to win the awesome suit and cash prize you ask? Check out the video below for some of the general contest rules plus examples of what 2K is looking for. For full details plus contest rules and legal speak, head over to bioshock2game.com/contest.