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Play Super Mario Bros. As Mega Man, Link, Samus, And More

by Dan Ryckert on Apr 28, 2010 at 07:12 AM

Normally we don't post news stories about flash games, but Super Mario Crossover is so well-made we had to take notice. It's the original Super Mario Bros., but in addition to the titular plumber you can play as NES-era Link, Mega Man, Samus, Contra Guy (a.k.a. Bill), and Simon Belmont.

It's not some half-working attempt, either. From what we can tell, it's the entire game (we've played through four worlds so far), and it works perfectly with any character. Some are better than others (Mega Man's fire upgrade and charge shots are far superior to Simon's whip and axes), but they're all fun to play. It has all the little touches right - music changes based on who you're playing, sound effects for all the weapons and attacks are dead-on, and the power-ups are great.

Mushrooms give Mega Man his helmet/charge shot and Samus her Long Shot. Fire Flowers give Bill from Contra the spread shot and Link his laser sword and a new tunic. Not sure why anyone would want to play as puny Mario when you can run roughshod through Bowser with Samus's Wave Beam.

Try it out here and let us know what you think.