Jane Jensen's New Adventure Game Coming To 360

by Joe Juba on Apr 28, 2010 at 06:31 AM

If you don't recognize the name Jane Jensen, you clearly weren't playing adventure games in the '90s. Jensen was the creative force behind the acclaimed Gabriel Knight series, and her latest project is now on its way to Xbox 360.

Jensen's upcoming adventure game is called Gray Matter, and was announced for PC way back in 2003. Today, publisher dtp Entertainment revealed that in addition to the PC version, a nearly identical version of the game will come to Xbox 360 – the control scheme being the only difference between the two.

In the official press release, Jensen comments: “With the Xbox 360 release, Gray Matter can reach a broader audience, especially people who don’t play PC games very often. I’m very excited to see Gray Matter expanding to other platforms.”

Gray Matter is currently slated for a release in fourth quarter of 2010. The game has been delayed several times over its years of development, but we certainly hope it's for real this time.