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Week In Review: 04/24

by Jeff Marchiafava on Apr 24, 2010 at 05:00 AM

This week we went to Captivate 2010, began our online Dead Rising 2 bonanza, and continued rolling out more exclusive Bulletstorm features. It's time for the Week In Review!

Here were this week's top ten Game Informer exclusives:

  1. StarCraft II Super Preview:
    Want to know what the deal is with StarCraft II's single-player campaign? Check out Adam's extensive preview that covers three new missions and packs gameplay footage to boot.
  2. Dead Rising 2 Hub Page Is Live...Er Undead:
    We're rolling out the red carpet for Dead Rising 2 – a carpet stained red with the blood of thousands of zombies, that is. Our first Dead Rising 2 updates include: new screens, a trailer that proves the game has an actual story, and exclusive gameplay footage.
  3. Halo: Reach Multiplayer Beta Preview:
    Written by the most handsome writer on the GI staff, this preview of the Halo: Reach multiplayer beta tells you everything you need to know before you try it out for yourself on May 3.
  4. Shameless Plug: Vote For Game Informer:
    Remember when we told you that we were nominated for a Webby? Well, the voting hasn't ended yet, and after enjoying a short lead over our rival, the Beatles Rock Band website, we've fallen behind! Help us put those day-dreaming hippies in their place – vote for us now!
  5. Captivate 2010:
    Capcom held their annual conference recently, and Tim Turi was in attendance...in Hawaii. Besides hanging out at the beach like a bum, Tim wrote about a bajillion different articles on what Capcom will soon be offering fans. Check it out now to see what to expect.
  6. More Bonestorm Bulletstorm Coverage:
    Our exclusive online augmentation of May's cover story continued this week with three more features: an interview with Bulletstorm's writer, Rick Remender; a video interview with EA, Epic Games, and People Can Fly, discussing how Bulletstorm came to be; and a look at the pulp that inspired the game.
  7. NCAA Football 11 First Look:
    We took a look at the only proven alternative to Madden that football fans have. How does it stack up? Read the preview to find out.
  8. A Game I Wouldn't Mind Seeing:
    This week Reiner wondered what Just Cause 2 would look like if it had dinosaurs, and because he's the executive editor, he forced Jeff Akervik to whip up some sweet looking screenshots to fulfill his fantasy. I wouldn't mind seeing that game either...
  9. You Don't Need Apps:
    Aside from missing the opportunity to quote The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Nick's most recent blog post is full of win. It provides an insightful look at how you can do most of your daily computing tasks from right within your web browser. I already do most of my daily computing tasks from within a web browser, but then again most of daily computing tasks involve watching funny pet videos on Youtube.
  10. 3D Dot Game Heroes Review:
    Tim Turi has been obsessed with this game, going so far as to make his own custom Link to relive fond Zelda memories. This week he posted his review. How good is the game? That's what the link is for!

And now here are the top 29 news stories from the week:

  1. Starcraft II Gets Adults-Only Rating In Korea
  2. Sony Leapfrogs Microsoft With PSN Updates
  3. Battlefield: Heroes Introduces V2 Vengeance
  4. Idiotic Splinter Cell PR Stunt Results In Police On The Scene
  5. New Natal Games Uncovered?
  6. Resident Evil 1’s Tyrant Cut From Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Roster
  7. Guess Marvel Vs. Capcom 3's Cast By These Silhouettes
  8. Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Officially Debuts With A Gorgeous Trailer
  9. Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 Characters Leaked
  10. Play Lord Of Ultima For Free Right Now
  11. Tecmo Bowl Throwback Release Date & Trailer Unleashed
  12. Left 4 Dead 2 Add-On Arrives Thursday, Adds Weekly "Mutations"
  13. Robin To Appear In Arkham Asylum 2?
  14. Liara T'soni Mass Effect 2 DLC?
  15. Map Editor Arriving Soon For StarCraft II Beta
  16. Download Lost Planet 2 Multiplayer Demo For Charity
  17. Kevin Butler Grows A Mustache, Gives ModNation Advice
  18. Blizzard Bans Over 320,000 Battle.Net Cheaters
  19. NCSoft And Rooster Teeth Explore The Scary Side Of Power-Leveling
  20. Bungie Unveils Impressive Halo: Reach Collector’s Editions
  21. Drew Brees Selected For Madden NFL 11 Cover
  22. Weapon Details Emerge In New Halo Reach Video
  23. Activision Dishes Out Bonuses To Current Infinity Ward Employees
  24. New Driver Title Set In San Francisco?
  25. Hold Your Own In Red Dead’s Multiplayer Modes
  26. Ubisoft DRM Hacked
  27. Bethesda's Suit Against Interplay Continues
  28. Metroid: Other M And Sin & Punishment Delayed
  29. Five More Join Infinity Ward Exodus, Seven Respawn

Be sure to also check out this week's regular features: The Game Informer Show 25, covering F.E.A.R. 3, Toy Story 3, and Capcom's lineup; Replay, featuring the craptastic Superman 64; This Week In Add-Ons, covering Uncharted 2's new Siege expansion and Left 4 Dead 2's The Passing; and CosBlog 27, featuring cosplaying. Normally I would tell you that if you wanted more from the GI editors and the community at large, you should read the latest edition of Blog Herding...but Annette is out with a busted shoulder, so it didn't get done. Instead, let's use the comments section below to discuss which news stories from this week were the most important to you, and which you couldn't care less about. See you next week!