Liara T'soni Mass Effect 2 DLC?

by Matthew Kato on Apr 21, 2010 at 04:42 AM

Audio files have been uncovered which point to everyone's favorite Asari from the Mass Effect series, Liara T'soni, involved in future DLC or expansion pack content for Mass Effect 2.

PC gamers have found buried audio files within the PC version of Mass Effect 2 with Liara's name and "DLC" in the file tags, and the spoiler-filled YouTube clip below shows some post-mission dialog between her and Shepard involving the Shadow Broker. The existence of ME 2 DLC character Kasumi was found in a similar way before that character was officially announced, and the fact that the clips feature what is almost certainly the real voice actors for Liara and female Shepard lends this plenty of credence.

If true, this extra content could provide some much-wanted screen time with Liara, although it doesn't appear that she wants to leave her day job as a desk jockey and join your party or anything.

via tehpwnage.com