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Super Street Fighter IV Lets You Organize Tournaments And Share Replays

by Tim Turi on Apr 20, 2010 at 05:00 AM

Fierce fighters from around the world are eagerly anticipating April 27. That’s when Super Street Fighter IV hits store shelves, complete with new characters, stages, play modes, and more. SSF IV’s online functionality is receiving even more attention than its predecessor, and I’ve got the details on how you’ll join online matches, share replays of crazy bouts, and take part in the brand new Tournament Mode.

When you pop in a game, the odds are you’d rather play it than twiddle your thumbs in an empty matchmaking lobby. With that in mind, SSF IV allows players to kill time in Arcade Mode while waiting for a fight. Being able to hone your skills and practice your trickiest combo is a perfect way to spend your precious time prior to battle. SSF IV strives to ensure the action never stops.

Speaking of nonstop action, little compares to the adrenaline rush of competing in a blistering Street Fighter tournament. On June 15, with just under two months to hone their SSF IV skills, players will have access to free Tournament Mode DLC. With it, anyone is able to organize a proper tournament comprised of four to eight players. Private tournaments will allow you as a host to invite your friends and personally arrange qualifier matches or randomly assign them. Combatants will be able to watch every nail-biting match as they progress through the brackets up to the grand finale.

Receiving the tools for an organized competition is cool, but a tournament is nothing without something at stake. Capcom will be arranging tournaments where players have opportunities to fight for one-of-a-kind titles such as the “Sign of the Warrior” trophy. With the ability to organize tournaments widely accessible, outlets other than Capcom will be able to arrange competitions for other prizes in the future. After much blood and sweat has been shed, newly acquired awards will be displayed next to users’ SSF IV status. Don’t hang up your fighting gear too quickly, however, as champions must defend their titles in future tournaments.

Capcom is also providing a way to capture all the crazy mayhem found in tournament mode or anywhere else in the game. No longer will you be forced to watch epic matches via grainy YouTube clips. Replays will now be available to casually surf and view via SSF IV’s network. This new feature allows you to dissect the most intense matches in slo-mo, view damage dealt, and even study controller inputs to learn the pros’ killer combos. You can even create a party and invite friends to view replay videos you have saved on your hard drive. Just make sure you don’t suck as bad as me before you show off your vids.