NCAA Football 11 Turns To ESPN

by Matthew Kato on Apr 16, 2010 at 06:57 AM

Gamers have been asking for EA Sports to more fully utilize its partnership with ESPN for years, and NCAA Football 11 is trying to bolster the network's presence in the game.

Gregg Hedelsten, a designer for the game, runs through how the team at Tiburon is bringing ESPN into NCAA Football 11. The game and its look are still being tweaked, so these shots aren't necessarily the final product.

In-Game Score/Game Clock Interface

This the score bar that ESPN first used in the last bowl season, and it will signal touchdowns and perform like it does on TV


Player Banners

Info banners for players and their stats will be more informative; including stuff like a players' hometown or if they're an impact player


Between-Play Presentation

Switching between replays, playcalling, etc. will be punctuated by wipe animations using the ESPN logo


Pre-Game Broadcast

Gamers will be greeted with the standard ESPN college visual animations before they hit the field, complete with ESPN's college football theme