Trademark Filings Reveal "Adrenalin Misfits" And More

by Meagan Marie on Apr 07, 2010 at 06:20 AM

April may have just begun, but several prominent publishers have already been busy. A slew of new trademark filings have come to light, including one we reported on yesterday that all but confirms a sequel to City of Heroes.

Additionally, GameSpot reports that several other big publishers made vague but interesting filings. Konami coined the name "Adrenalin Misfits" to be used for "video game software, video game programs, computer game programs, computer game software, and electronic game programs." On the same day Electronic Arts claimed "Pirates Ahoy" for "entertainment services, namely, providing an online computer game." The name has us betting it’s a casual title for EA’s Pogo.com portal. 

Lastly, Sony Computer Entertainment America filed "Until Dawn" for use in "providing a real-time computer game for others that may be accessed over global and local area computer networks by network users." Sony also scooped up "Road to Zero," but the potential applications are so varied that we can’t gather much information from the description.

Any of you excited for the inevitable City of Heroes 2 announcement? What about the other, more mysterious filings?