What Is The World Playing On Xbox 360?

by Matt Miller on Apr 07, 2010 at 10:03 AM

Microsoft's weekly report on games played by Xbox Live users includes a number of popular titles you'd expect along with some surprising recent additions.

Major Nelson's blog has posted the roundup of titles that gamers are playing on Xbox Live for the last week in March. The rankings are based on unique users, so it doesn't offer any indication of total time spent on Xbox Live or how many users entered a given game. Unfortunately, Microsoft hasn't offered any concrete numbers beyond a simple ranking, so the distance between each game is hard to judge.

The expected crown goes to Modern Warfare 2, which continues to draw big crowds nearly 5 months after its launch. No less impressive is Halo 3, and its ability to hold on to the number two slot after its release in September of 2007. That's over 2 years, folks. No mean feat. Battlefield Bad Company 2 has rapidly stepped into prominence at number three, having been out less than a month as of this activity report. Call of Duty: World at War hangs on to the fourth slot.

The strongest sports entry as of the end of March? Pushing out more traditionally popular American sports, FIFA 10 snags the fifth slot, beating out NBA 2K10 (#14), Madden NFL 10 (#17), and NHL 10 (#19).

Some surprises show up throughout the rest of the top 20. The biggest of these is that Microsoft's newly released Game Room has catapulted up to slot number seven, meaning a lot of folks out there seem to have an interest in checking out some early arcade titles. Microsoft's gamble on that project seems to have paid off, at least in the short term.

A lot of players seem perfectly content to spend their game time on some big demos rather than full retail games. The Splinter Cell Conviction Demo snags slot number 12, and the Just Cause 2 demo grapples onto slot 16. Who knew that people like free content?

The full list includes all top 20 games being played on Xbox Live, as well as a full list of popular Live Arcade, Indie, and Original Xbox titles.

What are you playing on Xbox Live?