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Nearly Half Of Console Owners Are Unaware Of Power Saving Options

by Annette Gonzalez on Apr 05, 2010 at 01:45 PM

In a recent study by Retrevo, an organization that specializes in consumer electronics research, findings show half of participating consumers are unaware of power saving options available on consoles.

Retrevo asked consumers if they turn off consoles when not in use, and 84 percent reported "Most of the time." When asked if their console turns off automatically or goes into sleep mode when not in use, 46 percent of those surveyed stated that they did not know. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 require the most power and offer auto power down modes that nearly half of consumers are unaware of.

Retrevo offers these tips for energy efficiency, which may even save you a couple bucks on your electric bill (for more tips on how to activate these modes and more click here):

  • Enable auto power saving mode
  • Turn off consoles when not in use
  • Turn off the Wii Connect24 mode when not used to enable auto-power down mode
  • Use Remote Play on the PS3 judiciously to lower standby power
  • Consider using a standalone Blu-ray player that only uses about 40 watts         

Do you practice power saving techniques on your consoles?