april fools

April Fools In The Gaming World

by Dan Ryckert on Apr 01, 2010 at 09:57 AM

Being a huge fan of April Fools pranks myself, I always appreciate a good gag this time of year. This April 1st brings along the usual assortment of fake press releases and gag products, and we'll assemble them here for quick and easy access.

The Old Republic Announces Latest Class: The Sarlacc Enforcer

The Sarlacc Enforcer combines the best elements of remaining completely still for long periods of time and waiting patiently for passing enemies, creating a thrilling gameplay experience for players tired of having to do things in an MMO.

2K Announces “Extreme Diplomacy” For Civilization V

If regular diplomacy fails, or you just can’t seem to overwhelm opposing forces by traditional means, Extreme Diplomacy allows the player to pit one world leader against another – death match style.

Razer Introduces "Gaming Enhancement Solution"

Razer knows "pro" gamers need all the fuel they can get for those late-night marathons, so they've introduced a new solution that can be directly injected into the user's veins.

Blizzard Introduces Dating Service, Body Pillows

Blizzard's April Fool's jokes never disappoint. From the Deckard Cain rap to the Bard class for World of Warcraft to this year's Battle.net romantic matchmaking, the company goes all out every year.

Sega Announces Ecco: Water Wars 2

Water Wars 2 sees the return of Ecco the Dolphin, who has mastered the art of time travel and weapons of mass destruction. Now the leader in a movement against humanity, the First Porpoise Shooter will see Ecco break free of his circus-like confines, steal human technology, and use it against them.

iBuyPower Offers Customizable Gaming Burgers

Set up your ideal combination of bun, meats, cheeses, and USB accessories here.

Duke Nukem Forever Demo Downloadable Today

The jokers over at Fileplanet have the very first dibs on a playable demo of Duke Nukem Forever. Fortunately, gamers who forgot what day it is are unable to download the nearly 1 GB file.

Have you seen any particularly well-made or clever gags this April 1st? Been a victim of any?