UPDATE: Checking Out The Wii Netflix Disc

by Tim Turi on Mar 30, 2010 at 09:45 AM

UPDATE: Netflix will be available for instant streaming on the Nintendo Wii starting April 12.

ORIGINAL STORY: Today we received what many Wii-owning Netflix fans have been waiting for: the disc that allows instant streaming. We opened the sucker up, took some pictures, and tried it out to see what's in store for anyone eagerly anticipating this disc.

Here's the classic Netflix DVD packaging we've all come to know and love. Seeing this thing arrive in the mailbox is always like a mini-Christmas, and it's even better when it contains the infinite gift of instant streaming.

Inside, we find the sleeve for the Wii disc. It says that the disc must be inserted every time you want to watch streaming content like the consistently awful The Legend of Zelda: The Complete Animated Series or the History Channel documentary Video Games: Behind the Fun. Also, the disc should never be returned to Netflix. The all caps, emboldened font sort makes me wonder what would happen if I returned it to Netflix...

Here's the disc itself. As you can see, it's red.

There is also a little voucher for 3 months of free Netflix, so be sure to hang onto this puppy. Not too shabby a deal. This way you can try out the instant streaming and have enough time to burn through the entire first season of Joey.

We popped the disc into the Wii and were immediately greeted by a screen pointing us to netflix.com/Wii. We were also given an activation code to pump into the site. Upon visiting the designated Netflix page, however, we were presented with this bit of disappointment.

It appears we are only halfway to instantly streaming Netflix on our Wiis. So we're still left with the ambiguous three month release window of Spring... Hopefully more concrete news surfaces soon, but until then make sure to secure your Wii instant streaming disc on Netflix's website.

So, who among you is looking forward to some non-HD quality video action?