New Halo: Reach Beta Details Emerging Tomorrow

by Matt Miller on Mar 25, 2010 at 11:02 AM

Bungie is promising some big updates on the long-awaited beta program for their latest Halo game, and the first batch of info is set to arrive tomorrow.

For fans of the series, these updates should help to scratch the itch that began with the announcement of the beta start date: May 3rd. The weekly updates are planned to include both reveals about the gameplay experience and new assets from the game, and will arrive every Friday until launch at Bungie's website. "The Bungie Weekly Updates will touch on multiple facets of the 'Halo: Reach' multiplayer experience and will be packed with enticing details about what players can expect from the beta," reads a statement from Microsoft.

If tomorrow is too long to wait, well, you may want to see a doctor. But you could also go check out our Halo: Reach hub, and get the scoop on what the game has in store.

We're stoked about Halo: Reach, and excited about getting our hands on some multiplayer action this spring through the beta. Even so, it's hard not to think that game "betas" don't exactly have the same meaning as they once did. Do think game beta programs have become as much for marketing as testing at this point?