Share Your Ideas With Sony

by Matthew Kato on Mar 18, 2010 at 04:23 AM

Sony has opened up a new section of its blog encouraging PlayStation fans to submit and vote on ideas to improve the experience on Sony platforms. Want to be heard? This is your chance.

PlayStation.Blog Share is a place where you can submit an idea you have as well as vote on others' suggestions. This can range from a gripe to a brilliant way forward, and it can encompass anything from the PS3 to PS2 to accessories or software. Once you login with your PlayStation ID, you can search for duplicate ideas, or if what you want to comment on hasn't already been entered, the site will ask you for the focus of your idea (i.e. PSN, PS3, etc.), the title, and then a 200 character explanation.

If you don't have a specific idea, but want to champion something someone else has already come up with, the front page allows you to vote, Digg style, on ideas with a simple thumbs up, thumbs down mechanic. The blog also has a leaderboard of members' top-rated ideas.

Want cross-game voice chat or emulation for PS2 games on your new PS3? Let Sony know and start the momentum of public opinion rolling.