Sam Fisher Goes Rogue...Starts Tweeting

by Ben Reeves on Mar 16, 2010 at 11:25 AM

Looks like Ubisoft has planned some real-world fun and games as its builds hype for next month’s Splinter Cell: Conviction. Yesterday the publisher sent us a press release about how Third Esceleon has set up a Facebook page to help bring Sam Fisher into custody, and today we’ve received word that Fisher has actually started up is own Twitter account.

Seems to us, if you were on the run from the most powerful government in the world, you might not want to start microblogging on one of the world’s most popular social networking services, but Fisher is the super spy, not us.

Anyone out there following Fisher’s exploits, or trying to hunt him down? This is one viral marketing campaign that might actually be worth following. After all, a reward has been promised.