Modern Warfare 2 DLC Pricing Will Nuke Your Bank Account?

by Andrew Reiner on Mar 15, 2010 at 08:17 AM

How much are you willing to pay for DLC? This is a question Infinity Ward and Activision are proposing to Xbox 360 Modern Warfare players. Over the past two weeks, Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling has been teasing Modern Warfare 2's first DLC multiplayer map pack, the "Stimulus Package." In a podcast with Xbox Live's Larry Hryb (who also moonlights as Major Nelson), Bowling revealed that the Stimulus Package consists of five maps – three are new, and two return from Modern Warfare 1. As exciting as this is, Bowling dropped a bigger bomb with the price.

The Stimulus Package will set players back 1,200 Microsoft Points or $14.99. That's a pretty penny for DLC. Modern Warfare players have not held back from voicing their displeasure with the pricing. Bowling's Twitter account is getting assaulted by the game's fanbase. With tweets like,  "Friggin 1200 points for 3 new maps and 2 that I have already! Why don't you just pull a gun and mug me. It'd be more honest," Bowling's Twitter is worth a read today.

I don't see the pricing as a problem. I'm paying three dollars per map, and will surely get my money's worth with the amount of time I plan to invest in them.