Modern Warfare 2 DLC Maps Detailed

by Andrew Reiner on Mar 15, 2010 at 10:15 AM

In a podcast with Xbox Live's Larry Hryb, Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling divulged details on the five maps included in Modern Warfare 2's forthcoming Stimulus Package DLC. The three new maps are called Bailout, Salvage, and Storm. Bailout is set within a modern apartment complex. Bowling says this map offers great sight lines and flanking tactics, as players storm through blown out buildings and adjoining parking lots. Salvage is another snow level, but isn't an ideal place for snipers. The junkyard setting provides plenty of cover in the form of crushed vehicles and debris. Bowling says this map is designed to be tight and fast. The third and final new map, Storm, takes place during an intense lightning storm. With rain in your face and flashes of light exploding overhead, this map sounds like it will test players' eyes as much as it will their skills. Bowling says this map is a good fit for domination matches.

The two maps making a return from Modern Warfare 1 are Crash and Overgrown. Both of these maps receive graphical upgrades, as well as all the bells and whistles included into Modern Warfare 2's gameplay. Bowling teased that Crash is now a great Capture the Flag map.