Achievements Coming To Windows Mobile 7

by Adam Biessener on Mar 09, 2010 at 08:29 AM

Microsoft is integrating Windows Mobile 7 support into its XNA developer toolset, as detailed by MS developer Michael Klucher on his blog. The initial announcement was made last week, but Klucher dropped the news that developers will be able to hook into Achievements and Avatars (2D versions of them, anyway) on the mobile platform earlier today.

Windows Mobile 7 is a huge step for Microsoft in the cellphone space, and its well-developed XNA development tools will only help the platform in its mission to make a dent in the currently Apple and BlackBerry-dominated smartphone market. Tying Gamertags into the system is a cool hook, and if there were any strategy games worth playing on 360 the ability to "leverage notifications for asynchronous turn based gaming" would be really neat.

This is all good news, for sure, and having a truly portable profile follow gamers across multiple platforms has been a dream for years. Then again, how is that Games for Windows Live thing working out?