Splinter Cell Could Return To PS3

by Jeff Marchiafava on Mar 02, 2010 at 10:27 AM

Gamers may have to go through Microsoft to play through Sam Fisher’s upcoming adventure, but after Conviction releases the franchise’s future is up in the air, according to the game’s creative director, Max Beland.

In an interview with Edge, Beland had this to say about the possibility of Splinter Cell showing up on the PS3: “I don’t see why it wouldn’t…there’s no reason why Splinter Cell couldn’t be on the PS3.”

But Beland quashed rumors that it would be Conviction showing up on the PS3, citing the exclusivity deal in place with Microsoft, and the fact that he hasn’t seen anyone at Ubisoft Montreal working on Sony’s platform. Beland states the next game in the franchise is “open to new deals,” and that it could even end up being a PS3 exclusive, “if there’s a deal that makes people happy there.”

While Sony has moved away from getting into bidding wars with Microsoft over exclusivity contracts for third party games, Beland pointed out that Splinter Cell does fall under Ubisoft’s new initiative to release new franchise titles every year. “…I’m not telling you that yes, in a year you’ll have another Splinter Cell, but…yes you’re going to be seeing Splinter Cell games, just like Assassin’s Creed games, just like anything else, released a little bit more often.”

Do you think one of these future titles will end up on the PS3? Or will Microsoft continue paying to keep the series exclusive?