XBLA Block Party Games Priced And Dated

by Tim Turi on Feb 22, 2010 at 11:59 AM

If you’ve enjoyed Microsoft’s last two Summers of Arcade, then you’re probably excited for their upcoming Block Party. Want to know how much the HD overhaul of Perfect Dark is going to run you and when it’s coming out? Read on.

March 3: Toy Soldiers (1200 MS points)
March 10: Scrap Metal (1200 MS points)
March 17: Perfect Dark (800 MS points)
March 24: Game Room (Free, but games are 240 to 400 MS points)

The Block Party also carries over the Summer of Arcade tradition of rewarding dedicated gamers who buy all the games. If you grab all the games Microsoft will credit 400 MS points back to your account and throw in a free month of Live if you’re already a Gold member.

If you don’t have a Gold account but want to give all the multiplayer goodness a try, Microsoft is setting up a trial window. From 12pm ET on March 26 to 12pm March 29, the multiplayer functions of all the Block party games will be unlocked to Silver Members.

If you want to know more about two of the big Block Party releases, check out our hands-on impressions of Perfect Dark and the Xbox Live Game Room from X10.

Anybody going to check out these Block Party releases? I’ll bring the barbeque chips and potato salad.

Source: Major Nelson