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Casting Call Confirms Next Call of Duty Set In Vietnam

by Matt Helgeson on Feb 22, 2010 at 12:37 PM

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Hollywood casting communication network Breakdown Services posted a casting call for voice over and motion capture actors for roles in an Activision video game. According to video game website, one of the roles listed was Frank Barnes, who was described as “a fiercely patriotic veteran of WW2… A solid leader, possessed with an excellent ability to assess and respond to any situation quickly and decisively.” This information seems to confirm reports that Treyarch’s next Call of Duty title, which should release this year, is set sometime during the Vietnam War.

The listing said Barnes was part of the Military Assistance Command Studies and Observations Group in Vietnam. The real-life unit performed covert ops in Vietnam during the years 1964-1972.

Other characters described include Joseph Lewis, “physically fit” black man in his 20s, Jason Hudson, who is listed as Caucasian and as having “over 15 years of military experience, making him an excellent tactician and mission co-coordinator.” There was also a female character to be cast named Kristina Ivanova, a Russian martial artist and CIA agent who is described as “calm to the point of being cold and detached.”

It's certainly an intriguing setting; we'll have to hope that this game on par with Treyarch's excellent Call of Duty: World at War.