Avalanche Finishing Just Cause 2, Starting “New Big Project”

by Jeff Marchiafava on Feb 22, 2010 at 09:25 AM

The past few years have been rough on Avalanche Studios, but that’s not stopping the Sweden-based company from tackling its next project even before Just Cause 2 launches. In a recent interview with Develop, Avalanche’s CEO Christofer Sundberg stated that most of the company’s staff (which stands at around 100 workers) is working on a “new big project,” with less than ten employees finishing up Just Cause 2.

Sundberg wouldn’t give any other details on the project, other than that it isn’t the company’s previously announced title, AionGuard. It’s also not The Hunter, an MMO the company recently acquired, which Sundberg stated will be managed by a new, separate studio. “We’re [Avalanche] the studio about big explosions and bodies flying around.”

Does that mean Avalanche’s new project will also have big explosions and flying bodies? We certainly hope so. In the meantime, look for our review of Just Cause 2 in our next issue.