Civilization V Announced

by Adam Biessener on Feb 18, 2010 at 06:00 AM

The next full entry in the Civilization series has been announced by publisher 2K Games, and it's going to be on a hex grid. The cover of the April issue of GamePro magazine is devoted to Civ V, and promises extensive interviews with Sid Meier and project lead Jon Shafer about how developer Firaxis plans to shake up the lauded series.

A few teaser tidbits are already out there. The hex grid (as opposed to Civ's traditional square grid) is going to be the biggest change for many to adapt to, myself included. Siege units being able to fire from multiple tiles away will be a first for the series, and a weird one unless Firaxis dramatically changes the scale of the game – otherwise it'll be like catapults firing from Detroit and hitting St. Louis. New engines powering both rendering and combat are promised as well. Leaders will be fully animated and supposedly interact with the player in full-screen diplomatic negotiations. I'm going to scream if they're anything like the advisors from Civilization Revolution, but the GamePro cover art implies a different art style that will hopefully carry over to the animation. Finally, several historic New World leaders will make their Civilization series debut.

Snark aside, Civilization IV is the best strategy game of all time in my opinion. I cannot wait to dig into its successor. As sad as I am to have Civ IV lead Soren Johnson off the project (he's pursuing his destiny at EA Maxis last we heard), new blood can be a good thing too.