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dice 2010

UPDATED: Disney Kicks Off DICE, Drops Possible Name For Sony Motion Controller

by Nick Ahrens on Feb 17, 2010 at 02:57 PM

UPDATE: We're hearing that Gem is most likely another code name for the motion controller. We're curious as to why they haven't given Gem/Arc a name yet considering it's due to launch Holiday of this year. What gives, Sony?

ORIGINAL STORY: The 2010 DICE Summit has officially kicked off with Disney Interactive Media Group president Steve Wadsworth's keynote. After AIAS Pres Joseph Olin opened things up, Steve took the stage to discuss the company's digital content strategy, the economy's affect on the games industry, and new trends in technology that are changing the way consumers view and buy media.

Wadsworth started out showing a highlight reel of Disney games, including titles such as Pure, Split Second, Hannah Montana, and a tantalizing look at the recently announced Toy Story 3 game, which showed Woody riding Bullseye in a canyon chasing after a UFO.

After mentioning the iPad and iPhone, Wadsworth also talked about upcoming opportunities with Microsoft's Project Natal and, in perhaps a slip of the tongue, Sony's Gem. Sony's motion-control peripheral has been rumored to be called Arc and Gem in the past few months, and Wadsworth's comment at least adds some more confusion about its name into the mix.

Wadsworth also talked about making a media group like DMG successful in the modern world of media consumption. While he agreed that the traditional model of supply and demand is still the obvious basis for business, he also talked about flipping the formula and letting demand drive supply for approaching how they create media like games.

He wrapped up his presentation by talking about how Disney learned to listen more closely to consumers after acquiring the online MMO Club Penguin. After initially being horrified that the kid-centric company took and implemented unsolicited ideas from its users, Disney learned the value of responding to the needs of the user base. The DS version of Club Penguin has sold more than one million copies, spurring Disney to release a sequel to the portable version.

We'll have more news and information straight from DICE in the coming days, so be sure to check back. The show hasn't traditionally been a place where megaton gaming news is released, but it's always delivered fascinating insights into the gaming industry that rarely get discussed in the open.