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New, Improved Tony Hawk Using Ride Board Planned For This Year

by Phil Kollar on Feb 10, 2010 at 11:15 AM

Despite facing fairly heavy criticism from critics and consumers, Activision is not backing off from the motion-controlled skateboard peripheral that they introduced with 2009's Tony Hawk Ride. According to news from the company's investor call today, a new Tony Hawk improving on the Ride board mechanics is due out this year.

Activision community guy Dan Amrich tweeted some details of the investor call earlier today, saying that the board itself took a long time to develop, so this year will be devoted to improving the game itself. Amrich then had some commentary to offer to critics:

"You can all just keep the TH board jokes. There's only 2 things to do: make it better or make you feel like you wasted $. I vote better."

Though I remain skeptical about the board peripheral's future, Amrich does make a good point. If Activision and Robomodo can take another year of development time and produce a much tighter, better game, they still have the potential to turn people around and make them want to look all goofy riding a fake plastic skateboard in their living room, the same way people want to look all goofy playing fake plastic instruments. Does anyone think they can pull off such an impressive 180?