Modern Wafare 2: Ghost - Bring On The Monsters!!!

by Andrew Reiner on Feb 08, 2010 at 07:01 AM

The third issue in the Modern Warfare 2: Ghost comic book series goes on sale February 17. I haven't read the second issue yet, but the synopsis for issue three makes me think I should. According to Wildstorm's website, this issue unfolds as such: "Dane and Maya storm the castle in Sanctuary, but they may be too late to save the queen. They have to fight through hordes of monsters and soldiers, but even when it looks like the day is won, Geoffrey offers a chilling warning of the dark days that lie ahead." Monsters? Did the writer confuse Modern Warfare with World of WarCraft?

The synopsis for the fourth issue clears things up a bit. "Now that Ghost is back in the real world, he's finding it hard to tell what's real anymore...until a face from his botched mission in Mexico appears. It's someone he thought long dead. Could this be another hallucination – or something far more sinister? The brutal action continues!"

I know Ghost didn't get much face time in Modern Warfare 2, but I thought he was a cool character. I may regret reading this series, but the chance to flesh him out (in apparently crazy ways) is too much for me to resist.