Guitar Hero Scores Black Sabbath Masters

by Bryan Vore on Jan 28, 2010 at 08:00 AM

The February DLC release list for Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero includes three master tracks from legendary metal band Black Sabbath. Up until now, all Sabbath tracks in the guitar/band games have been covers, decent ones, but covers nonetheless.

February also brings music from 30 Seconds To Mars, Breaking Benjamin, and Third Eye Blind. The full schedule appears below:

30 Seconds To Mars Track Pack
February 4
“From Yesterday”
“Kings and Queens”

Breaking Benjamin Track Pack
February 11
“Sooner or Later”
“Until The End”
“Give Me A Sign”

Black Sabbath Track Pack
February 18
“After Forever”
“Into The Void”

Third Eye Blind Track Pack
February 25
“Can You Take Me”
“Losing A Whole Year”
“Never Let You Go”

All track packs cost 440 Microsoft Points, $5.49 on PS3, or 550 Wii Points. Singles are priced at 160 Microsoft Points, $1.99 on PS3, and 200 Wii Points.