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id Pleased with Zenimax Merger

by Jeff Marchiafava on Jan 28, 2010 at 08:28 AM

It’s been six months since id was bought by Zenimax, but the honeymoon continues. In an interview with Edge Online, id president, Todd Hollenshead, expressed satisfaction with how the merger has gone. “It’s actually worked out really well. They value development for its own sake, rather than just trying to put something in a box and relying on marketing for sales. They believe in the quality of the product you put in and the value of the entertainment the consumer gets out as what ultimately drives the business.”

Having refused countless buyout offers from publishers in the past, the sale of id Software was a surprise even for industry veterans. But Hollenshead views the business decision as more of a partnership. “Of course, everyone looks at it as, ‘Well, id was purchased by Zenimax!’ but I think it’s just as true that we acquired an internal publishing capacity…Even more so now than in the past, having a high-quality publishing partner is critical, because the business is so much about either having a hit or being totally irrelevant.”

Zenimax also owns Bethesda Softworks, and although both developers have praised their parent company for giving them creative freedom over their projects, we wouldn’t mind if a little of id’s FPS magic slipped into the next Bethesda RPG, or vice versa. Anyone else interested in what these two legendary developers could come up with if they teamed up on a project?