Bayonetta Action Figure Shots Surface

by Andrew Reiner on Jan 26, 2010 at 09:30 AM

Plastic witches are on the verge of invading toy stores. Neither of these figures appear to be made of wood, so it's unlikely they'll weigh as much as a duck [Ed. note: Worst Monty Python reference ever], but I have a feeling they'll look great next to your Xbox 360 console (no, they cannot go next to the PlayStation 3 since that version of the game is buggy as hell). These official shots surfaced today on toy store, Ami Ami, which also lists a late May release date for Japan (if you don't import them, U.S. releases are usually a few months later). When seeing the shot pictured above for the first time, Game Informer editor Tim Turi said, "Oh, that's sexy." A ringing, yet frightening endorsement from a man we call an enigma wrapped in a mystery.