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Microsoft Motions Back At Datel

by Nick Ahrens on Jan 26, 2010 at 06:18 AM

Back in November, we reported that the peripheral company Datel Designs was suing Microsoft for a memory card lockout via a dashboard update. The company insists that the mighty MS used an October firmware update to lock out unauthorized memory cards, including those made by Datel, rendering them useless.

Now Microsoft has finally replied with a motion to dismiss the antitrust suit. By citing computer rival Apple, they claim that when the user buys an Xbox 360, they agree that they cannot use any non-Microsoft cards with the unit. This is similar to how Apple won a case stating that you cannot run their operating system OS X on a non-Apple built computer.

But the fighting doesn’t end there. Datel is also calling out Microsoft and saying they have an unfair hold on the console market (they claim the Wii doesn’t count). The giant corporation has quickly fired back stating that cheat-enabling cards "undermine quality user experience" of the games on Xbox Live. With a date set at March 2, we’ll soon know whether or not the U.K. based Datel can get their win and cards back in the system or if Microsoft’s strategy will ultimately lead them to victory.

[Via Joystiq]