Fallout MMO Public Beta Opening In 2012

by Tim Turi on Jan 25, 2010 at 08:10 AM

The dust seems to have settled on the Interplay versus Bethesda court case, and now some new information has surfaced regarding the mysterious Fallout MMO. Now that Bethesda is out of Interplay’s way in creating their new MMO, the company has signed a developer and given a tentative date for the game’s beta testing.

Last Thursday Interplay signed a “definitive agreement” with Masthead Studios regarding the development of Project: V13 (a.k.a. Fallout MMO). Up until now Masthead has been at work on on their own MMORPG, Earthrise. Studio president Atana Atanasov sees the partnership as a “unique experience.”

Speaking on the team-up with Masthead, Interplay chairman and chief executive officer Herve Caen said, “Masthead’s technology is impressive and perfect for our Project: V13. Its team is passionate to bring our vision and game play to the market. This MMOG will have many unique features that we will disclose before launch of the public beta in 2012.”

Well, start clearing your calendars for 2012, I guess. That’s far away.

[Via Massively]