EA Unveils Bad Company 2 Squad Rush, Hardcore Modes

by Matt Bertz on Jan 25, 2010 at 10:40 AM

In addition to dishing details on the game's single-player campaign, Electronic Arts and DICE also pulled back the curtain on the a couple new Battlefield: Bad Company 2 multiplayer modes. The new mode, known as Squad Rush, pits two teams of four against one another in a bloody struggle to defend or detonate two crates. The fast and frenzied battles take place on a much smaller maps than the traditional Conquest or Rush modes, and tactical coordination in a must to emerge victorious.

In the matches we played at an event a couple weeks back, the winning team was often the one that stuck together and formulated a strong attack plan. Staying in close proximity with your teammates and having a medic on hand to revive fallen soldiers was crucial as defenders, because the attackers only need a small window to plant charges on a crate.

If you want to play Squad Rush out of the gate, you'll have to purchase it at GameStop. [Full disclosure: GameStop is Game Informer's parent company] For the first 30 days after the game launches on March 2, only people who pre-ordered the game from the video game retailer and their friends will have access to the new mode. Fortunately, if you pre-ordered the game and your friends didn't, you can still get them into your matches with an invite.

EA also gave us a glimpse at the new Hardcore mode, which can be used on Rush, Conquest, Squad Deathmatch, or Squad Rush maps. This enhancement turns off the kill cam, eliminates many HUD elements, introduces friendly fire, and turns up the weapon damage to create a more realistic war experience.

What do you think? Do the new modes sound intriguing to you?