PS3 Motion Controller Delay Not Affecting RE5: Gold Edition

by Tim Turi on Jan 22, 2010 at 06:22 AM

A while back, Capcom showed off the PS3’s Motion Controller with Japan’s Resident Evil 5: Alternate Edition. Around the same time the company announced Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition for both North American and Japanese releases. With both of these titles being revealed so closely together, it’s easy to get confused about what may be affected by the delay of the PS3 Motion Controller which was due this Spring. Capcom has cleared the air, and Gold Edition is still coming in March.

“Capcom has not announced any compatibility between Sony's motion controller and Resident Evil 5 in North America,” the company told Joystiq. “The release of this product will be unaffected by the delay in our territory and is still on track for a March 9 release with the individual pieces of downloadable content released prior.?

So Alternative Edition, the RE5 showcased with Motion Control, has not been confirmed for U.S. Release. Capcom hasn’t even confirmed that the Japanese Alternative Edition will absolutely support the Motion Controller. All we have to go on is that they showed off the game being played with the technology during TGS. Gold Edition, however, is releasing in both Japan and North America.

You can snag RE5: Gold Editon on disc on March 9. If DLC is more your thing you can get the first DLC items, Lost in Nightmares and additional costumes on February February 18 for PS3. The second set of DLC, Desperate Escape and even more costumes is out on March 4 for PS3. The DLC episodes and costume packs’ pricing has yet to be announced.

I can’t think of a more confusing way that Capcom could have rolled out new versions of their stellar 2009 survival horror/shooter hit. How concerned are you about being able to play RE5 with motion control at this point?