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Buy Mass Effect 2 Used, Pay $15 For Free DLC Channel

by Tim Turi on Jan 22, 2010 at 09:25 AM

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As reported earlier, Mass Effect fans will be rewarded a free DLC channel called The Cerberus Network if they buy Mass Effect 2 new. Down the road free DLC packs will show up in The Cerberus Network. This raised the question of what The Cerberus Network will cost for those who grab the game used or rent it. BioWare has responded…

Gamers not planning on grabbing a new copy Mass Effect 2 with the free activation code for The Cerberus Network should be sure to set aside 1200 Microsoft Points ($15) for access to the channel, according to Bitmob. This DLC hub sounds like the real deal. Who doesn’t like the idea of free new content for a great game?

Also, all you commander Shepards out there can expect to access a “Normandy Crash Site” mission and a pack including a new character, Zaeed the bounty hunter (pictured above).