RE5: Gold Edition’s New Mercenary, Second Episode Detailed

by Tim Turi on Jan 21, 2010 at 06:11 AM

Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition is getting a lot of additions that are sure to attract newcomers to the series and have diehard Majini-killers coming back for more. I didn’t see this newest mercenaries player coming at all, what with her less-than-convenient battle apparel and the fact that I killed her with a satellite-laser.

Tricell CEO and supermodel wannabe, Excella Gionne, joins the fray in Mercenaries mode. Lurking beneath her good looks are bad-ass karate kicks and raging brutality. Also, it looks like she kills Majinis with a syringe. Neat.

Also detailed are Jill and Josh’s new moves in the newest episode of RE5, Desperate Escape. Josh appears to have been a professional wrestling understudy, what with his spear takedowns and elbow drops he devastates the infected enemies with. Jill uses her impressive vertical to mount Majinis’ shoulders and twists their necks with her muscular thighs. You know, just like she did in the first game…

Who else is getting excited to revisit Resident Evil 5? Is this new content enough to merit picking up a new copy and selling your used version? Can this gussied up version of an early 2009 title hold up against the triple-A juggernauts when it releases in March?

Check out the new screens in the media gallery below.