Namco Arcade Hits Facebook

by Tim Turi on Jan 20, 2010 at 07:42 AM

Facebook users hankering to get a hold of a game that doesn’t involve raising crops or taking down crime lords have something to look forward to. Namco Bandai recently announced that they’ll be bringing a digital delivery channel ripe with awesome Namco games to the social networking supersite.

You’ll be able to try out mobile versions of Namco games via Facebook, with the opportunity to download them straight to your phone if you find something you like.
Titles that are on their way include:

Pac-Man CE
Namco Arcade Golf
Pac-Man Pinball 2
Time Crisis Elite
Ridge Racer Drift

“Namco Arcade is a great way for us to complement the traditional carrier channels of our distribution partners with an alternative channel for users to try and buy our games,” said Barry O’Neill, president of Namco Bandai Europe.

“Integrating social networks into our distribution channels was an obvious move,” he continued. “Facebook has a user base of 350 million, many of whom love casual gaming. Namco Arcade is a great way for us to reach a whole new audience, and allows us to reduce the overall cost to customers, while offering a new level of service and interactivity. The ability to discover and share games easily will be a key driver for the mobile games market in the future.”

Sounds like a convenient way to grab a few games while checking who ‘liked’ your status update about the cereal you ate for breakfast.

[Via Edge]