Dark Void Zero Began As A Joke

by Tim Turi on Jan 07, 2010 at 06:01 AM

Capcom’s faux-lost 8-bit gem, Dark Void Zero, is set to come to DSiWare in 2010. The retro rocket pack adventure seems like a perfect fit for Capcom’s recent old school trends, but according to Capcom-Unity’s manager, Seth Killian, the game started as a humorous "what if."

To explain the inspiration for the game, Killian compared the game to other classics in Capcom’s rich history.

"Dark Void Zero feels to me a little like a cross between NES Bionic Commando in terms of level design, and Section Z in terms of mechanics. Good clean platform-y, shoot-y fun," he told Destructoid.

Thoughts of an 8-bit Dark Void actually started swirling around my head upon hearing an amazing, Mega Man-esque 8-bit rendition of the game’s main theme during Dark Void's end credits. Apparently, it was this song that spurred on development of the game.

"It [Dark Void Zero] was one of those ideas that sort of started out as a joke while listening to Bear McCreary’s 8-bit mix of the Dark Void theme, like 'wouldn’t it be funny if we did this?'... and then we actually did it," explained Killian.

And here I’ve been constantly ridiculed in the office because of my unflinching love for video game music. Turns out the joke's on everyone else because Dark Void Zero looks awesome, and it might not come about if not for the harmonious bleeps and bloops of Bear McCreary!

Be sure to check out Dark Void Zero’s trailer and screenshots here.