NHL 2K Series Over?

by Matthew Kato on Dec 21, 2009 at 09:24 AM

A recent report suggests that 2K Sports is closing shop on its 2K hockey series after two years of lagging behind league-leader NHL 10 from EA Sports.

In Take-Two Interactive's fiscal quarterly report, the next iteration in the 2K hockey series, NHL 2K11 was omitted. Meanwhile, 2K Sports labelmates NBA 2K11 and Major League Baseball 2K11 were specifically mentioned, leading to speculation from website pastapadre that the hockey series may have seen its last iteration. This wouldn't be a surprise given how poorly the franchise has fared in the last few years, not to mention the fact that 2K Sports didn't hesitate to pull the plug on fellow under-achievers like College Hoops and All-Pro Football.

Whatever you may think about the NHL 2K franchise, and I'm not one of its fans – at least not in the past few years – it's never good when a competitor has to bow out like this. Either from a competition standpoint, or for the fact that it would seem to weaken its developer, Visual Concepts. In fact, the studio has fallen from grace in last number of years due to the shrinkage of 2K's sports portfolio. Hopefully this latest loss doesn't have an adverse effect.

I can remember a time when I liked the NHL 2K series over EA's (before that franchise got a makeover), but since Visual Concepts took it over it suffered from having to go back to square one right when EA Sports was hitting its stride with its NHL game. Where have you stood when it comes to NHL 2K and EA's NHL title now and then?

[Via GameSpot]