Heavy Rain DLC Announced As Pre-Order Bonus

by Joe Juba on Dec 18, 2009 at 07:09 AM

As if waiting to play Heavy Rain wasn't difficult enough, Sony has confirmed that episodic DLC is in the works for Quantic Dream's narrative-focused title. Even better, the first episode will be available free to those who pre-order the game.

The DLC, collectively referred to as Heavy Rain Chronicles, will give players the chance to experience more adventures starring the core game's characters. According to this post on Sony's official PlayStation blog by SCEA marketing manager Jefferson Dong, "Each Chronicle will offer unique, stand-alone, playable short stories featuring one of Heavy Rain’s main characters, and a storyline taking place either before or after Heavy Rain’s original narrative. Similar to Heavy Rain, each episode will offer a unique journey and different outcomes based on the players’ decisions and actions."

The first episode, which is available as a free pre-order bonus at participating retailers, is entitled The Taxidermist. It features Madison Paige infiltrating the home of a suspected serial killer. Gamers who have been following Heavy Rain for a while will recognize the scenario from the game's demo at E3 2008. Sony also announced a second episode, but hasn't given any details regarding its content.

While those who pre-order Heavy Rain will be able to download The Taxidermist as soon as the game launches, Sony has not announced when the first two episodes will be available for everyone else to purchase (for $4.99) on the PlayStation Store.

So, how pumped are you to play Heavy Rain and its associated DLC? Super pumped, or just pretty pumped?