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Water Finally Splashes Down In LittleBigPlanet Next Week

by Bryan Vore on Dec 15, 2009 at 10:50 AM

LittleBigPlanet fans will finally be able incorporate water into their levels thanks to the Pirates of the Caribbean Premium Level Kit. And that's not all...

Come December 22, the downloadable content will include five new levels, new music, new trophies, and loads of new objects. The $5.99 price tag also includes a new "cannibal" costume, but all of the good ones like Davy Jones and "Sack" Sparrow must be purchased separately.

If you're curious, Sackboy can survive up to 30 seconds underwater before he pops unless he comes across an air bubble or the new scuba gear. Players will set a universal sea level for an entire level and can tweak the color, murkiness, or waviness of the water. The fluids can't be poured into waterfalls or slides or transported in buckets and whatnot.

Even if you don't care about creating levels, it'll still be worth checking out the community levels after this baby drops. Anyone can play a user created level with water in it for free even if they don't own the Pirates pack.