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PSN Pay Subscription Model Building Steam?

by Matthew Kato on Dec 15, 2009 at 07:30 AM

In a presentation last month, Sony's Kaz Hirai mentioned that Sony was considering a premium PSN service that would come with a monthly fee. New comments from the company show that this idea is clearly gaining momentum.

Speaking to Nikkei Electronics, Sony Computer Entertainment executive vice president and chief technology officer Masayuki Chatani again brought up the pay-to-play topic: "In addition to single-payment packaged software, there are also schemes like monthly fees or per-item charges," explained Chatani when talking about new ways for Sony to generate revenue.

Sony already has an array of per-item charges, whether you're talking about PSN content or items in Home, but monthly fees are clearly something different. Kaz Hirai, in his previous remarks, also mentioned the possibility of charging for a premium PSN subscription, but further reiterated that there would always be a free option as well.

Any of you guys pay for the furniture and clothes in Home?


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